Pedestrian Accidents

Have you been injured in a pedestrian accident?

Every year about 80,000 pedestrians are injured and 5,000 die in motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrian deaths are second only to car passenger deaths in the U.S. Pedestrian injuries also occur due to parking lot and sidewalk defects, and because of poorly maintained property. No matter the cause, if the injuries you sustained were caused by another’s negligence, it is your right to pursue damages.
Our legal partners have helped many clients achieve a positive outcome in their cases. We will do a full evaluation of your accident and build a strong case on your behalf to prove that the other party:

  • Had a legal duty to you, and, based on his/her actions, did not fulfill that duty
  • Caused the accident or injury to you
  • Harmed or injured you due to that accident

Driver negligence that causes pedestrian injuries

Those driving cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles have the responsibility to drive with reasonable care. If this is not done and an accident occurs, that individual may be considered to be negligent.

There are a number of actions that can cause negligence, including:

    • Drug or alcohol use
    • Driving while fatigued
    • Reckless driving
    • Using a cell phone or texting
    • Eating while driving
    • Failing to signal when turning
    • Speeding
    • Ignoring posted road signs
    • Disregarding poor weather conditions


              If you think another individual’s actions caused or contributed to your injuries, or to the injuries of a loved one, seek help as soon as possible from a skilled personal injury advocate. We will investigate your case and help you secure the resources you need for your medical treatment and other expenses.


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