Slip and Fall

Have you slipped and fallen on another’s property?

Slip and fall injuries are those injuries which occur when someone slips or trips and falls due to unsafe conditions on another’s property. This may be in the workplace, on other private property, or on public property. Incidents may occur indoors or outdoors.

Hazardous conditions can include such things as:

  • Slippery substances on the floor
  • Foreign objects on a walking surface
  • Unpredictable changes in flooring
  • Gaps or holes in the ground
  • A poorly lit walking area

Employers, business owners, residential property owners, and government agencies each have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for all concerned. If they fail to ensure walking areas are well maintained, clean and dry, unobstructed and well lit, this constitutes negligence on their part. Proper signage is also needed to warn people of potential hazards. If such conditions are violated and you are injured as a result, the property owner may be held legally liable.
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Following an Injury

It is important that a written report of any such incidents be made as soon as possible after the injury occurs. If the incident occurs at work, there are often specific forms available to be completed. This may also be the case in a store or on a business property. If the accident occurred on a residential property, unattended public property, or anywhere such forms are unavailable, a written record of the incident should still be created.

Factors to be recorded include:

  • The date and time of the incident
  • An account of what occurred
  • The specific hazardous conditions that contributed to the fall
  • Who was present, who witnessed the accident, who helped and comments that were made

Even if no one else witnessed the fall, record all other relevant information. Where possible, include photographic evidence of the hazardous conditions in the area of the accident.
Of course, it is vital that you seek the medical care you need as soon as possible following an injury. Be sure to retain all related medical records.
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